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There’s no doubt that the devil is in the detail.

We go deepest to find the answer.

We are frequently asked to determine customer potential by answering questions such as:

  • Are all of my customers worth investing in equally?
  • What products should I try and sell to whom?
  • Am I collecting the most useful information from my customers?

Which of my enquirers are ever likely to convert?

Whatever your question, our process for finding the answer will be straight forward.

We’ll come to see you.

Rather than rely on our interpretation of the data, we prefer to spend as much time as possible client-side, immersed in your business, learning about you and your customers.

We’ll start with a straightforward audit of everything that is known about each of your customers.

We’ll interrogate every scrap of data imaginable, be it transactional, behavioural, engagement or response data, MR, MI or digital.

We seek data out in every part of your business, not just the obvious places. Overturning one stone invariably leads to a whole quarry!

From all of this, we’ll produce an in-depth review of the current state of play.

Our review will;

  • Highlight immediate quick wins
  • Determine gaps in the knowledge
  • Identify, isolate and mine untapped opportunities and pockets of customer value

Knowledge at a customer level.

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