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Switching the focus from products to customers: a lightbulb moment for marketing

Business Issue:

Arco were aware that they had been trading as a traditional sales driven business and that products not customers were central to their marketing efforts. As part of a number of significant changes to business processes they wanted to change the focus of planning to the customer. A key step in that process was to gain a better understanding of the customer and how they are processed and valued through the business.


  • Develop a customer understanding and generate insight to help the change in direction of the business
  • Build segmentation of customers that will allow strategic level planning
  • Help target future sales and marketing initiatives to focus effort and resource on the most profitable customers

Our thinking:

  • Understand what a customer actually is within a multi-regional multi contact B2B environment
  • Discover the most important factors that influence the customers’ potential
  • Develop segments at a higher level of customer to daily sales contact to deliver cross regional growth
  • Build a way to integrate the broad product portfolio into actionable growth strategies

Our approach:

  • Deep exploration of customer purchase and interaction behaviour
  • Development of 4 key dimensions for aggregating customers
  • Categorisation of products into customer relevant sub categories
  • Next best product models scoring
  • Account level potential revenue modelling comparing internal and external peer groups

Our output:

  • Strategic level customer segmentation of 8 distinct customer types with different strategic goals
  • Sales targeting to drive growth of customers at an account manager level
  • Campaign selections to improve response and conversion rates of email and telesales campaigns

Business Impact:

Increased return from customer interactions

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