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Hand-picked data stimulates repeat bookings

Business Issue:

General lack of understanding and knowledge of their broader customer base, making strategic marketing decisions relating to data and customer strategies difficult.


As part of the wider strategic review, TIH were asked to produce a thorough understanding and profiling of the current customer base, split across the main business sectors:

  • Room revenue (retail and corporate)
  • Functions
  • Spa and leisure services
  • Food and beverages

The analysis needed to be both at the individual site level and for the total group.

Our thinking:

The exploratory analysis formed a broad structured investigation into how customers behave and interact with Hand-picked Hotels. There are a number of key objectives to this investigation:

  • Understand where and how the value lies within the customer base
  • Unearth actionable insights, allowing Hand-picked Hotels to score a number of quick wins by making immediate changes to contact or communication plans.
  • Provide a good key basic understanding of the customer journey from initial purchase to current value and potential.

The analysis explored all aspects of the customer interaction, including:

  • Are there common purchase cycles for Hand-picked Hotels customers? Do some customers always visit at the same time of the year?
  • How does value get generated from the customer base? Are there many repeat visit customers? What can we learn about a customer’s first purchase that may help us to predict their future value to the business?
  • How much of the total value is provided by the top customers?
  • Do any customers come back after not visiting for a long time? What is the likelihood for reactivation?
  • What knowledge can we gain from previous communication activity?

Our approach:

  • Consolidated data from across the business to differentiate leisure and business customer behaviours and potentials
  • Created mini clusters based on the customer’s affinity to the brand and particular hotel
  • Developed a bespoke likelihood model to predict potential for repeat bookings

Our output:

  • Identified cohorts of customers with specific growth strategies using our unique proprietary tool, Value Spindles

Business Impact:

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