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Everyone’s a winner! Increasing cross-group value for the Virgin Group

Business Issue:

Each year, the CEOs of the Virgin Group companies, the IAC and Richard Branson have expressed a desire for the companies to work more closely together, in order to drive cross-group value.

In January 2007 Virgin Group initiated Project Insight, with a focus on analysing the customer data contained in the Group in order to drive enhanced customer insight and value; the basis for Virgin Insights’ Proposition.


  • Maximise the value of Virgin’s Customers through the intelligent use of the Virgin companies’ combined data

Our thinking:

Combining the enriched customer profiles with a cross-group understanding of our customers, provides a deeper level of insight across the companies, and a platform to identify opportunities which have previously not been obtainable.  For example:

  • Atlantic, Trains and Active have a very similar demographic profile
  • Holidays have an older customer base than the rest of the Group

Our approach:

  • Created the first Single Customer View for Virgin across the UK to determine customer profile, value and potential
  • Mapped customer journeys and built Next Best Brand models for intergroup cross sell
  • Created an economics model to predict future value for the group cross selling
  • Redrafted the consent strategy for the entire group
  • Created segmentations and churn models for the brands
  • Co-created the set-up of a new enterprise (VIL) within the Virgin group
  • Developed, delivered and provided on-going support of the customer insight business model
  • Developed regular data and insight analysis, proposition development, customer driven marcomms, and value opportunities (cross-sell, up-sell and retention) – cross base and silo Virgin company basis

Our output:

  • Produced a quarterly insight report for each brand
  • Created new cross sell propositions from the group level insight, eg Atlantics points for Train purchases.
  • Developed a behavioural segmentation and full CRM programme for Virgin Trains
  • Developed a churn model and customer welcome plan for Virgin Active

Business Impact:

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