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Far-reaching, efficient and effective (and the cable’s pretty good, too)

Business Issue:

Fast2Fibre (F2F) was established in 2014 to deliver a process for upgrading ageing copper telecoms and power networks to high speed optical fibre or replacement power cable at a vastly reduced cost in comparison with tradition methods. In order for the process to be used commercially there is a need to consolidate data collected from test programmes into an operationally ready database.

Fast2Fibre also needed to build a marketing plan to help promote the process as a viable solution to both contractors and cable owners across Europe.


Provide data strategy consultancy and hands-on data interrogation to allow for the delivery of an operations ready data warehouse of technical parameters.

Provide strategic marketing planning consultancy to build a programme that will highlight the merits of the F2F process to the appropriate and relevant customers and their contracting suppliers.

Our thinking:

  • Understanding the end user process for data in the warehouse is essential to building a database structure that will deliver against requirements now but also be flexible to allow for future technological advancements of the process
  • Understanding the key stakeholders for receipt of marketing output to deliver an effective strategy for future commercial success

Our approach:

  • Full review and audit of existing data sources
  • Exploratory analysis of technical data captured to date and its usability for a fully functioning process
  • Consideration of relevant recipients and key industry stakeholders for future marketing strategies
  • Understanding of the key messages and channels necessary to drive a successful marketing strategy

Our output:

  • Provision of a short term interim searchable database of the existing technical data
  • Full suite of recommendations for future data capture including mandatory fields, uniformity of units and reduction of reliance on free text
  • Full ITT for database build delivered to relevant suppliers
  • Full marketing strategy document to be implemented through next 12 months

Business Impact:

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