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Bring the customers to life by bringing the data to life

Business Issue:

Customer data has been collected via online transactions and the loyalty scheme. There was some concern internally that the quality and sophistication of the analysis could be improved in order to better inform marketing and business strategy. Furthermore the existing genre-based segmentation was specific to last purchase rather than reflecting the full consumer history


  • Develop a customer-level segmentation of homogeneous groups of customers or prospects based upon their purchase behaviour and interaction with communications and the brand.
  • Customer strategy to grow the value of existing customers by getting them to buy more, more often and retain valuable customers for as long as commercially viable
  • Create customer contact plan to target the best customers / prospects to achieve value and volume objectives

Our thinking:

  • Identify distinct and actionable customer groups who share common attitudes and behaviour
  • Understand the drivers of attitudes to gaming consumption and engagement
  • Better meet the needs of customers in order to increase purchase
  • Understand how each group discover games and gaming, and how this translates into purchase
  • Ensure consumer insights are infused into every part of the organisation

Our approach:

  • Created a radically different segmentation built on 4 key dimensions:

Our output:

  • Built a new suite of segments to better understand why, how and when the customers shop
  • Developed predictive models to target growth opportunities to replace the historical sales approach
  • Mapped the pathway for each segment into the comms plan to achieve desired uplift:

Business Impact:

Increased return from customer interactions

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