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Less-engaged consumers aren’t targeted, despite 81% of them saying that music defines them

Business Issue:

With the onset of digitalisation, there was a desire from the senior team to reinvigorate the business into a customer centric organisation, to connect directly with consumers – a hitherto missing element of the marketing strategy. At the time the customer did not sit in the centre of business decision-making with little data being captured and utilised to inform strategy. The focus was on fans and the artists themselves rather than the wider buying population.


Create a robust and actionable planning and implementation framework for proposition development and product lifecycle communications to better meet the needs of customers in order to increase music purchase

Our thinking:

  • Understand the drivers of consumers’ attitudes to music consumption and their music engagement
  • Identify distinct and actionable customer groups who share common attitudes and behaviour
  • Understand how these groups fit into the market in volume and value terms
  • Understand how each group discovers music and how that discovery translates into purchase / acquisition
  • Understand category share of wallet and understand factors contributing to purchase reduction

Our approach:

  • Quantitative questionnaire specifically based around music attitudes, discovery, listening & purchase behaviour
  • Sample drawn from panel of consumers who regularly supply detailed purchase information as well as a wide host of other attitudinal, lifestyle and behavioural data
  • Responders clustered based on responses to music attitudes questionnaire and then profile augmented by additional data overlays
  • Rich and 3-Dimensional profile of customer groups developed as a result
  • Audit process identified an extremely cost-effective solution via the appropriate re-usage / recycling of an existing under-exploited market research investment

Our output:

  • Creation of fully profiled UK music market 8-cluster segmentation solution
  • Expanded the segmentation into France and Germany
  • Insight developed into the segments in terms of their needs and motivations in relation to music
  • Insight driven segment strategies developed to manage segments and drive additional value (propositions, communications, channels and album product lifecycle targeting)
  • eComms contact plan for major Beatles remastered campaign
  • Catalogue and major artist profiles and CRM plans

Business Impact:

  • 37% of population account for 67% of purchases – led to extended media coverage
  • Only 18% of purchases made in first month after release led to longer launch programme
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